My name is Daniel.

If you are here, you were probably looking for something else. I suggest searching in Google for that which you seek. If you are here on purpose, welcome.  (also, you are defying my efforts to remain invisible. A contradiction since I am writing this blog. You will come to find many such inconsistencies.)

I am first a husband, then a father, then a GPS specialist. "What is a GPS specialist?" you might ask. (I would recommend against asking this question, as I am going to tell you what that is anyway.) In a nutshell (help, help I'm in a nutshell) I field support calls from land surveyors and engineers regarding the use and misuse of high-precision GPS equipment. I work for Hayes Instrument Co. in Shelbyville, Tennessee. Which is convenient since I live in Shelbyville as well.

I am also lead guitarist for Chase Perryman. Our band is currently called The People Familiar With The Situation. Come see us sometime, why don't you?