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Official website and manifesto of the band Chase Perryman & The People Familiar With the Situation

“Vol. II” The Sneak Peak


Curious what we've been up to? Been stalking us on the book of faces? Satisfy your snooping mind and delight your ear-holes with the sounds of our new album, "Vol.II" while the songs are still in production.




Like a fast thing out of some sort of container type device, Chase Perryman and the People Familiar with the Situation explode out of Murfreesboro, TN. This tight quartet blends blues, southern rock, old fashioned R n’ B, and short attention spans into a sound as unique and memorable as their lengthy name. That sound they call "Contemporary Rock and Roll". 

Drummer turned songwriter, Chase Perryman first joined the music scene in 2010 with his debut solo album, “Songs for the Sirens.” Produced and recorded by Perryman and future bandmate Daniel Shearon, the album featured musical additions from Shearon and another future familiar person Nathan Donaldson. Music from the album was featured in an independent film as well as a few syndicated podcasts.

Promotion for the album included the music video for “Beautiful Brick”. Self-made, the video featured Perryman riding a unicycle while playing the guitar and singing in one stunning, continuous take, through the backdrop of a small town summer festival.

The video garnered the attention of an Atlanta-based indie label Archetype records and they began work on his second album. The result is a beautifully crafted thirteen track album with songs full of poignant lyrics and haunting melodies. “All Things Invisible,” released in 2011, was well reviewed and sold well at shows. In early 2012, Perryman and Archetype parted ways and the album is unfortunately no longer available. So, the limited run of the album remains in the hands of loyal fans, becoming treasured rock memorabilia one day.

 In 2012 Perryman teamed up with his close friends and fellow musicians to create Chase Perryman and the People Familiar with the Situation. Together, Chase Perryman, lead guitarist Daniel Shearon, bassist Nathan Donaldson, and drummer Cory Flippo, create a thick electric, bluesy sound with warm harmonies, entrancing melodies, and emotionally-charged lyrics blended with groovy bass lines and shuffling drums.

 In June of 2013 the band released a 5-song EP titled “Vol. I” and have since been spreading their sound about with slots in music festivals, clubs, radio interviews, and online on several internet radio stations. The new album has been well received by critics and the band intends to use this album to make a mark on the music industry.

 Creating a cult following with their oddball sense of humor and the slogan, “Get Familiar”, Perryman and gang put on a solid, rocking, uproarious, and fun-filled performance every time. Always showcasing their talents as a band, they never take themselves too serious while always taking the music itself deadly serious.


Chase Perryman - Lead Vocals, Guitar

Chase Perryman was told to stop playing drums at a very young age. Did he listen? No, it is hard to hear speech when playing the drums. Listening to artists as diverse as AC/DC and Barney, Chase naturally developed into a fine singer-songwriter. However, The People Familiar With The Situation soon put an end to that nonsense. Chase maintains a secret identity by working in marketing and graphic design. He also rides a unicycle and that’s kinda weird.

Nathan Donaldson - Lead Bass, Vocals

Nathan Donaldson is taller than most things. A registered nurse, he can heal the sick with science and medicine. He routinely fixes Chase’s boo-boo’s. Nathan and Chase have been making music together since 1942, when jazz was still “dangerous.” Nathan's bass playing has been known to cause spontaneous amorous behavior in laboratory animals. 

Cory Flippo - Lead Drums, Vocals

Retired stock car racer, Cory Flippo is a natural on the drums. Happy and smiling all the time, he has no business being in a rock band, but the other members like him too much to let that stand in their way.

Daniel Shearon - Lead Guitar, Vocals

Daniel Shearon is in the Federal Witness Protection program.

Marcus Posfed - Lead Keyboards, He is not allowed to sing

Keyboardist Marcus Posfed is the newest member of the band. Subtle and soft-spoken, he takes care of business. He is not allowed to speak to the public since the incident. He is also invisible, speaks only Latin and doesn't exist.