Alright, So you think you are Familiar with Chase Perryman & The People Familiar With The Situation? Let's see you prove it. We are running a contest and we want our fans to get creative. (Please hold all questions till the end of this message.)

How to enter

  1. Print one of the 'I'm Familiar' banners below. (right-click and choose Save as... or Save target as...)
  2. Take a picture of yourself holding said banner. (see example) The more ridiculous/absurd the picture, the better. 
  3. Post the resulting picture to Facebook.  
  4. Tag the Band Facebook Page in the picture. 
  5. Like us on Facebook 
  6. There is no step six
  7. Make life size cardboard figures of the band members and pretend we are attending a party at your place. (optional)

Printable Templates


Example Photo


How to win

After the band reaches 1,000 likes on facebook we will collect these pictures, study and ponder them while smoking pipes and enjoying snifters of the finest brandy and select a winner. The winner will be selected based solely on what we deem as 'the most familiar.' Bribes are strictly permitted. 


The winner will receive:

  1. A Get Familiar T-shirt in the size of his or her choosing. 
  2. A Compact Disk, autographed by the band with the glitteriest of markers.
  4. Official Get Familiar guitar picks
  5. Other things we find laying about
  6. There is no sixth thing

*Several honorable mentions will be selected and receive digital downloads of songs from the new album, 'Vol. I.' 


Below here questions are answered: 

Question 1. Why is there a backwards version with the picture? 

Answer 1. Some cameras (like webcams) reverse text, like in a mirror. Also works for photos taken in alternate dimensions. 

Question 2.  Really? A song? 

Answer 2.  Yes, we will write and record a song specifically for and about you or the topic of your choosing. 

Question 3. What if I am not on Facebook or Twitter?  

Answer 3. You are a social hermit. But we love you, email us your entry at pfwtsband@gmail.com

Question 4. Is glitteriest a word?

Answer 4.  Of course it is!

Question 5. Is Chase in a Toga?

Answer 5. Perhaps.  

 Question 6. Are you going to do that stupid "not a sixth thing again"?

Answer 6.