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Official website and manifesto of the band Chase Perryman & The People Familiar With the Situation

Music as 1's & 0's

You bought a physical disk crafted from the finest plastic and pixie dust we could scrounge together, how quaint. Well, that entitles you to also download the very same songs that are on that cd so you can listen to the songs while waiting for the songs to be hand delivered by a postman with a fine handlebar moustache, or a postwoman with an equally fine handlebar moustache (we do not discriminate).   Click the link below to have the tunes delivered in DRM-free (yarr, nice eyepatch) MP3 format. 

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Words as sung

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Stuff that is neither words nor music

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Facts about Vol. 1

  • All tracks recorded at The Situation Room except Inertia Postponed
  • Inertia Postponed was recorded at Center Street Recording, Old Hickory, TN
  • There is a chair squeek in one of the tracks
  • Daniel's grasp of music theory is tenuous at best

Fictions about Vol. 1

  • A 30 piece imaginary orchestra was used on the track of your choosing
  • Cory's drums were actually 5 gallon buckets
  • There is a backmasked track, encouraging the listener to eat their carrots
  • There is a hidden message in the pterodactyl (might be true)

Digital Download


You bought it! Thank you so much. mean, you did buy it right? You didn't get this link from some sketchy russian website? Ok, we trust you. Download links are below to download the mp3 version. Be sure to grab the extras zip file for pictures and lyrics and pixie dust. 

Vol. 1 - MP3's

  1. Killing Kind
  2. How To Love You
  3. Pistol
  4. Why They Call Me
  5. Inertia Postponed
  6. There is no song six

Goodies 'n such - (Click to download)


How to Love You

For the first time
You were the last one
But don't let it get to you, baby
'Cause I was just having fun

I was never lonely
You were just the only
Light I could find
On this dark and empty street

'Cause nobody knows how to love you
They only see what they want instead
Nobody knows how to make love to you
You're just a means to an end

And all you've got
Is a secret garden
With all your life
You try to guard it

The scattered hedges
Discarded flowers
The love for yourself
Is your hidden power

Wake in the morning
I won't be there

©2013 Chase Perryman

The Killing Kind

You've got your hands on me
And I know that you're the killing kind
Baby, even if I had eyes
In the back of my head
You know I'd still be blind

You've got your weight on me
And it thunders like a thousand pounds
Every step that I take
My whole body aches
Closer to the ground

The way you do me
I don't want you to stop
'Cause it feels so good
But when you're through with me
I'm gonna wish you would

You spend your time on me
Baby, I'm just a clock in your cage
Every second we kiss
Is time I miss
When it's too late

You've got your hands on me
And I know it's almost killing time
But deep down I know
What a way to go
With your body on mine

©2013 Chase Perryman 


I was on the level
You were underneath
I was undercover, baby
You were under sheets

I wasn't looking for answers
Wasn't looking for love
You were wanting something, babe
I couldn't give you nothing of

Because you're too much woman for me
Too much woman for me
Too much woman for me
Too much air and I can't breath

A good distraction
For a little while
A pistol with action, baby
Is so hard to find

Once undiscovered
Is now surfacing
I can tell with you
There will be nothing left of me

Ain't falling in love
Just the sweetest thing
Wouldn't trade it for nothing, babe
And you can keep your diamond ring

'Cause even falling in
You've got to climb back out, you do
'Cause you're a pistol, baby
And I'm about to fire you

©2013 Chase Perryman

Inertia Postponed

And I know the world's a bitter place
I know we're all a selfish race
I know the ones that we love
We hurt the most because
They're the ones we can't replace

And I know I shouldn't be out at all
Had your number but didn't call
I've been out of touch but it's not my fault
The world fails to halt
Even though I say I want off

But tonight I wanna move
With no particular point of view
No fear of wrong, no sense of right
Just colors dancing in the light

Tonight I wanna move
Let our bodies come unglued
Tomorrow I know my dues are due, I do
But tonight it's just me and you
As we move, we move, we move

And there's nothing innocent in my touch
You know you shouldn't expect so much
Am I what you need or just close enough
Love or the lack there of 
A gentle push or a subtle shove

©2013 Chase Perryman

Why They Call Me

Thoughts unfold in my head
Alone in my bed
I guess that's how it's always gonna be

Like why does everyone else
Have someone to love
Someone to carry their weight

That's why they call, call me a fool
That's why they call, call me a fool
'Cause I'm still stuck
I'm still stuck
I'm still stuck
Stuck on you
Stuck on you

And though I know you're no good
You suck me bone dry
You kiss me and then you cry

My lips still crave for your skin
Like the bottle again
Habits that always die hard

©2013 Chase Perryman