Ms Havisham

So this was the first song we began beginning with. It started with a different name and a different vibe than how it sounds now. We started the recording process in December of 08 (even farther back than I thought!) and I really had no idea what we were doing. Originally the idea was to cut three tracks for a demo CD. The track was called World Wide and was just Chase singing and strumming a guitar. He gave me the first tracks and I tweaked them a bit and added a light percussion track. Over the next two weeks or so, we emailed files back and forth and on a couple of occasions got together and recorded other elements such as the drums, a cello bit by Jimmy and a mandolin and backing vocal track by Nathan. For the record, I believe those were the only times I was present in the same room as Chase when anything was recorded. As I am want to do, I thought the song needed more guitar so I cautiously added some and when Chase didn't fire me on the spot I was pretty happy. The song took shape and evolved into what it is now, a funeral dirge. (joke, but I did tell Chase it had a funeral dirge vibe in a couple of places.) 

Going back and looking at the chats and emails we sent back and forth and listening to the samples I would mix and send him, it amazes me what we were able to eventually accomplish with the tools we had. Everything was recorded using Garageband '08 and later '09, a Samsung USB mic and directly feeding an acoustic pickup into the mic or the mic input of the Macbook. 


Ms. Havisham is now track 3 of Songs for the Sirens and is available at, iTunes (opens iTunes) or the hobo behind Walmart. (tell him the Vicar sent you)

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