Cause Baby we're a firework!

What are you doing July 4th? Coming to see us at Mayday Brewery, you say? Well, that's awfully kind of you. Why wouldn't you? 

Do you want these things:

  • Awesome live music?                              Done!
  • Free admission?                                       Sure!
  • Food truck?                                              Of course!
  • Locally brewed Mayday Beer?                If you are 21!
  • Dancing?                                                  You can dance if you want to!
  • Snake handling?                                      Probably not...
  • Beard growing contest?                          Um...
  • Telepathy lessons?                                  You already know the answer to that. 

Come Friday to enjoy the musical stylings of Woodferd then come back Saturday and we promise to get you all psyched to say Happy Birthday 'Merica!!

Visit for details and directions. 

Daniel ShearonComment