Moving pictures. We hear they are the next big thing. TV shows, movies, commercials, smartphone apps, smarttoaster apps, smarttoilet apps... the list goes on. All those items need one thing to be great, music. But not just any music, music directly from the minds, mouths, spleens, hands and feet of Chase Perryman & The People Familiar With the Situation. It is a completely made up fact that no movie or tv show has ever been successful without one of our songs to underscore a sultry love scene or tie together a 80's montage where a group of misfits set aside their differences and work together to save the ski lodge/soda shop/weapons factory. Enjoy the samples below and as soon as you realize that our music is a perfect fit for that climactic space battle in your vampire/zombie/mummy love triangle comedy, give us a shout using the contact info at the bottom of the screen. 



Licensing available via Musync.

Contact: Seb Jarakian

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