Inertia Postponed

And I know the world's a bitter place
I know we're all a selfish race
I know the ones that we love
We hurt the most because
They're the ones we can't replace

And I know I shouldn't be out at all
Had your number but didn't call
I've been out of touch but it's not my fault
The world fails to halt
Even though I say I want off

But tonight I wanna move
With no particular point of view
No fear of wrong, no sense of right
Just colors dancing in the light

Tonight I wanna move
Let our bodies come unglued
Tomorrow I know my dues are due, I do
But tonight it's just me and you
As we move, we move, we move

And there's nothing innocent in my touch
You know you shouldn't expect so much
Am I what you need or just close enough
Love or the lack there of 
A gentle push or a subtle shove

©2013 Chase Perryman