I was on the level
You were underneath
I was undercover, baby
You were under sheets

I wasn't looking for answers
Wasn't looking for love
You were wanting something, babe
I couldn't give you nothing of

Because you're too much woman for me
Too much woman for me
Too much woman for me
Too much air and I can't breath

A good distraction
For a little while
A pistol with action, baby
Is so hard to find

Once undiscovered
Is now surfacing
I can tell with you
There will be nothing left of me

Ain't falling in love
Just the sweetest thing
Wouldn't trade it for nothing, babe
And you can keep your diamond ring

'Cause even falling in
You've got to climb back out, you do
'Cause you're a pistol, baby
And I'm about to fire you

©2013 Chase Perryman